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Quantum Building provides clients with affordable pricing but high quality services. As a first class HVAC company we provide a scope for all your HVAC product needs, design, maintenance, installation and after sale services from small residential to major commercial and industrial scale projects.

Project Installation

Quality of installation is important as much as of product quality and the system design, poor installation bring a huge trouble to any project regardless the quality of the product and the system design. Quantum Building proud to have qualified technicians and plumbers to install all of our products in the best way, remember that we are not guarantee our products only but our installation as well.

Project Design

In order to obtain the optimal solution for any project heating and cooling needs, the project heating and cooling loads to be calculated first and the system to be selected by the client then it to be designed according to the international and national standards. Quantum Building engineers having a wide experience in the design of all kind of systems we have among our range of products.

Project Management

For every single project one of our company’s qualified engineers will appoint as a project manager to direct all project requirements from design to installation and commissioning. Under the supervision of our engineers all impossible obstacles will be converted to possible through an engineering challenge.

Project Consultancy

We provide free of charge consultation to all our clients who decide to use our products in their projects. Decide on which system is the most appropriate one for any project is a big challenge for all the project owners and contractors, our qualified engineers take this responsibility, considering the project requirements and the client budget, they propose the best solution for the project.


Every product has its life time, quality is only extend the product life time, furthermore, external factors such as electric power problems or climatic influences will cause to to damage some products partially, therefore, maintenance is an essential complement step for any engineering systems. Quantum Building maintenance team is always ready to serve clients in the best way. Furthermore, we have a wide range of spare parts for all our products which fasten the procedure to repair your products in a reasonable period of time.
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