Gas Boilers

Quantum Building as exclusive distributor of Sakura products in Iraq, supply a high quality gas boiler from Sakura to suit all requirements and budgets. The system can be used for both heating and hot water simultaneously.

Those who are looking for gas boiler bring you comfortable winter, with good quality, popular design, and advanced technology? Sakura gas boiler series will satisfy your demands.

Our Sakura gas boiler absorb top advanced technology with more than 30 years experience, designed in Europe, with perfect surface treatment and matt coating, nice appearance with simple and smooth lines and easy service internal structure.

Strong air-discharge system time for cleaning air

  • Balanced Coaxial pipes, strong air-discharge style, we gain fresh air from outdoor for burning, then exhaust gas shall be off from indoor, which keep indoor air fresh.

Anti-leakage and short circuit

  • Advanced electrical three-way control system, which can make sure the boilers long stable running. And conventional boiler’s leakage and electrification caused by three-way’s leaking water can be cut off.

Two stage intelligentised defrosting system

  • When the temperature is lower than 8°C, the pump runs for 2 minutes every 2 minutes until heating temperature reaching 10°C; when the temperature is lower than 5°C, the boiler burns until heating temperature reaching 30°C.

Saving electricity

  • Maximum consuming electricity in our boiler is 120W; it is much lowers then the other brands, which are higher than 140W.

Low start voltage

  • The lowest voltage to start hot water is only 0.3 bar pressure, which is more suitable for low-pressure area and floor compared to conventional boiler’s 0.7 bars.

Pump late operation function

  • When the boiler stop working, the pump will operate for 30 seconds, to avoid the pump’s locked.

Suitable for various heating systems

  • It can be used for radiator heating, fancoil heating or underfloor heating systems.

Wide range models

  • To meet various capacity demands our Sakura Gas boiler 7 models with different capacities.



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