Chillers - Heat Pumps

Quantum Building chillers and heat pumps are the main source heating and cooling units for all types of projects including residential, commercial, public and industrial projects. These units installed as the source unit to produce heating and cooling energy from a combination of electric power and air latent heat, electric power and ground latent heat or gas and air/ ground latent energies as well as other forms of wasted energy particularly in industrial projects.

The energy transfer medium in all these units is water in a closed loop with the indoor part of these central heating and cooling systems.

The indoor terminals of these systems can be different types of fancoil units as a terminal in convention process or radiators and underfloor radiant systems in the radiation process. The capacity of these systems start from few tons to several thousand tons according to the projects requirements.

Considering energy source and its applications we can classify Quantum Building heat pumps and chillers to main five types as follows:

  1. Air Source Heat Pump-Chillers

  2. Ground Source Heat Pump-Chillers

  3. Gas Driven Heat Pump-Chillers

  4. Absorption Heat Pump-Chillers

  5. Refrigeration Heat Pump-Chillers

Heat pump term here used to units drive both heating and cooling energy by switching the mode within one unit, while chillers are only to provide cooling energy, bases on the project requirement, we can provide heat pumps with heating only.

Within these page we provide all details regarding Quantum Building heat pumps and chillers.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Chillers


Refrigeration Chillers


Gas Driven Heat Pumps-Chillers


Absorption Heat Pumps – Chillers


Ground Source Heat Pumps – Chillers

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